Saturday, April 23, 2011


In the past six months, six out of ten clients have made enquiries about an internet business that can fetch them more and quicker profit than what they are doing presently- "the-get-rich-quick-schemes"...what more can we tell them...there are no get-rich-quick-scheme. Just as there are no get-rich-quick-schemes, so there are no secrets.

If you type in "Opportunities to make money" into Google, you get over 72,100,000 hits; 427,000 if you Google Get-rich-quick-schemes; 594,000,000 if you Google "sex", but God is up there with 363,000,000 and "work is a staggering 5,670,000,000 so maybe there's hope for us yet.

Now believe us, they do work. But not for you, not for the mugs who sign up, they work for the instigators, beginners, the ones who launch such about 45 million Nigerians, using the internet are looking for ways to adapt to a new world...Internet get-rich-quick schemes still exist as a shortcut to success...and the more you try looking...the less you will don't go buying any of them either.

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