Monday, April 19, 2010


Over the course of several centuries, the Industrial Revolution saw the development of new manufacturing processes that changed much of the world’s economy and ways of doing business. Whereas it took centuries to develop new business manufacturing processes of the Industrial Revolution, a new revolution, what I call the Information Technology Revolution, has occurred over the past 35 years, and it has literally changed the face of the world, Nigeria inclusive. This great change in business and economic focus took years to develop and is still being perfected till this very day.

This revolution has brought us such great things as the personal computer, software for the personal computer, computer networking, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Cards, Mobile Phones, computerized medical equipment and, of course, the Internet.It is quite interesting to know that about 30% of Nigerians do use this technology.The technology revolution has brought us huge intangibles as well, such as productivity,quality, larger profit margins, vast new markets to increase sales, and efficiency. These intangibles have been the driving force to make the technology revolution the most important revolution during the existence of man.

If Nigerians are to truly reap the benefits of the latest technologies-The use of mobile phones, the internet, ATM cards, Social Media such as facebook, twitter, flickr and a whole lot,they have to be educated and trained as to the appropriate ways of dealing with the dark side of information technology terror. In simple terms,all users have to learn the safe practices for their gadgets, their business networks, and the Internet. The security basics of “what to do” and “what not to do” become the front-line defense for most businesses. Much reason why Cloneshouse Nigeria has taught it well in using this medium to get across to Nigerians, intimating them on dos and donts of their IT gadgets.

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