Saturday, June 16, 2007


The Pygmy Goby lives 50days on planet earth, the shortest lifetime for a vertebrate. But one thing about this creature is that it is fast…mmmm, one begins to wonder what its swiftness adds to its existence in life. Is it that its fastness reduces its lifespan? Or is it that it was just meant to happen that way.

Looking away from those perspectives, it is just that it is not how fast one lives; probably, we should count our days on earth to the path of wisdom. What if I turned 25years four days ago, wouldn’t I count the number of souls have touched.Its certainly a thin line between life and death.But those little seconds spent should be used wisely and kindly and with much passion that the world is going to be a better place.

No one knows when the Pygmy Goby came into existence, but everyone who wishes to tell it to the oceans that its going to last 56days on earth! Could do so. What a minute time to live.
However, whether we live for 56days or 56months and maybe 56years, what we have done will surely be written by our tombstone, and if not it will sleep with us in our grave; perhaps it will live after the names we bore when we were up six feet.

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